Brother MFC-J497DW

Let us give Brother a few credits at the start: This printer packs a whole lot of functionality and value into a little space. Even the MFC-J497DW ($79.99) is a streamlined, low-volume ink-jet all-purpose printer, as well as the traces of this 4-star/Excellent-rated HP OfficeJet 3830 allinone. Much like the HP version, the MFC-J497DW prints well, bringing smart-looking photos on premium-grade glossy or matte photo paper.

But even for an entry door printer, even the more MFC-J497DW’s running costs are tremendously high, particularly when in comparison to OfficeJet 3830 (along with other HP models) paired together with this organization’s Immediate Ink subscription support.

Even the Brother MFC-J497DW does encourage two-sided printing, faxing, and also some other comforts which the HP OfficeJet 3830 will not, but which makes it a fantastic fit for several homes, home offices, and tiny workgroups with small print and copy requirements.

They Don’t Get Far Larger Than This

In 6.8 from 15.7 by 13.4 inches (HWD) and also 18.1 lbs, the MFC-J497DW actually is a closely designed AIO, although perhaps not really just a good deal bigger compared to many of its many competitions. (Possibly the littlest non-portable AIO available now, at 5.6 from 15.9 by 7 inches and 10.4 lbs, maybe your HP DeskJet 3755 allinone.) HP’s OfficeJet 3830, for example, is really only just a little bigger in height and thickness and milder by roughly 4 lbs.

I really could cite entrance – to – moderate-level printers using similar measurements for a little while, however, the purpose is you can get a ton of background gadgets made to sit on your desk with you personally, and infrequently is your total footprint all which distinctive from you to one other.

In terms of paper handling, the MFC-J497DW is sold with one 100-sheet newspaper drawer. Additionally, unlike the HP OfficeJet 3830, the printing engine is currently auto-duplexing, meaning it may print two-sided pages mechanically, that isn’t really just a given within a below -$100 printer.

Epson’s similar Expression Home XP-5100 Small-in-One, on the flip side, will not encourage auto-duplexing, nevertheless also the provider’s next version up, the Expression Premium XP 6000 Small-in-One, does.

Unusual to a less-than-$100 printer, even however, could be that the MFC-J497DW’s automatic document feeder (ADF) for sending multi-page documents to the printer. The MFC-J497DW Has a 20-page ADF, as does the HP OfficeJet 3830 as well as also the Brother MFC-J690DW.

 (The latter, that is actually in the process to be examined, does perhaps maybe not list at less than $100; Brother’s set price is $119.99.) Additionally, that the MFC-J497DW is ranked to get a 2,500-page maximum monthly duty cycle, with a recommended annual print volume of around 1000 pages (exactly the very same while the MFC-J690DW).

The HP OfficeJet 3830’s obligation cycle, even though, can be merely a 1000 pages. Epson, meanwhile, does not release duty-cycle evaluations for its loved ones and home office printers, like the Auction House XP-5100 and Premium XP 6000.

You are able to configure both the MFC-J497DW and perform walk-up surgeries from the busy (and marginally complicated-looking) control panel.

It comprises tons of switches, a number pad, and a pair of navigation keys, along with also an okay button for implementing controls –in addition to a non-touch-sensitive 1.8-inch coloring LCD. In comparison with an of Brother’s (among many others’) exceptionally slick control panels focused on a huge touchscreen display, this weapon isn’t all that efficient-looking. However, Brother has depended upon this older staple for a couple of decades, and it is useful.

Connectivity and Computer Software

Even the MFC-J497DW’s connectivity options have been about right to get a $ 7-9 AIO. Conventional vents contain 802.11n wi-fi networking, wi-fi Direct, and linking to one PC via USB 2.0. Wifi Direct is really actually just a peer-reviewed protocol for connecting your printer into your mobile apparatus without either of those being linked to an intermediary router or network. Options for portable connectivity, however, comprise Apple air print, Google Cloud Printing, Mopria (such as Android printing), along with Brother’s iPrint&Scan.

Brother’s iPrint&Scan and Internet Connect CloudServices join one to favorite cloud websites, like Google Drive along with One Drive, and a number of Brother’s very personal cloud programs. Included in these are to Scan, Word to Excel, Scan to PowerPoint, Scan to Searchable PDF, and Easy Scan to E-Mail. Regrettably, to scan straight to a flash memory apparatus, you should need to measure up to this Brother MFC-J895DW. The MFC-J497DW cannot try this.

Middle-of-the-Pack Rate

Most entry AIOs are ranked between 2 and 14 pages per minute (ppm), together with lots of these flying around 12ppm. The latter comprise Brother’s MFC-J497DW along with MFC-J690DW. More essential than any AIO’s speed evaluation, though, is the way many pages per second does exactly the AIO actually printing?

I analyzed this one within USB in our standard Intel Core i5-based test-bed PC running Windows-10 Professional. When printing our 12-page Microsoft Word text file, the MFC-J497DW churned at 11ppm, or 1ppm slower compared to its black-text-printing evaluation, and 0.4ppm and 0.2ppm supporting the MFC-J895DW along with MFC-J690DW, respectively.

Epson’s Expression Home XP-5100 and Expression Premium XP 6000 conquer the MFC-J497DW from 2.8ppm and 4.8ppm, respectively, also, and also the MFC-J497DW Be at HP’s OfficeJet 3830 from 2.5ppm. When I joint the score in the text-document test with all the outcomes of printing our full-color Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF sample records, the MFC-J497DW’s print days dropped to less than half an or even 4.4ppm. (So do many printers in the aspect in our testing.) This joins its MFC-J895DW sibling, defeats the MFC-J690DW from 0.3ppm, also falls supporting the XP-5100 (by 0.4ppm) and the XP 6000 (by 1.8ppm). Also, it defeats the HP OfficeJet 3830 from 1.7ppm.

Additionally, I analyzed how fast that the MFC-J497DW published both vibrantly detailed and colored 4-by-6-inch evaluation snapshots. Its ordinary of 3 2 minutes was level for this type of printer, with only that the HP OfficeJet 3830’s score of 51 minutes falling somewhat supporting the lot discussed to the aspect.

The Outputs Good

Like many other Brother entry printers, then the most MFC-J497DW prints excellent-looking text using well-shaped and legible personalities down to little font sizes. (the product top superior cut off is dependent primarily on the ribbon itself) Every day serif and sans-serif fonts appeared great about 4 to 5 things, and cosmetic fonts kept down their shape to approximately 8 or 7 points. The latter is fine since you normally would not utilize them for more than a tune and call outs.

Business images seem good, typically. Like its marginally higher-end MFC-J895DW along with MFC-J690DW sisters, the MFC-J497DW will reveal the sporadic defect in the business-graphics output signal, for example as little banding and a tiny streaking (irregular ink supply ) in shadowy animations. In general, however, text printing and images output are usable for some small business substances, dwelling printouts, and student prep.

The MFC-J497DW turned out decent photos, by everything you’d expect in the entry level office-centric inkjet AIO. I noticed balanced, accurate colors and commendable detail. Granted you will find lots of consumer-grade photo printers on the market which turn out higher-quality pictures (if perhaps not many recorded at $ 7-9 ). However, the MFC-J497DW’s photo output signal is okay for some small-business, student, and household usage.

High Priced Consumables, Though

Nearly as a guideline: Even the bigger and more economical than an AIO is also the greater its replacement ink expenses. The exceptions are a few, also, alas, the MFC-J497DW, just such as the newly published MFC-J895DW and MFC-J690DW, is none. Employing the provider’s publicized rates because of the highest-yield ink tanks, so I calculated that the MFC-J497DW’s black running prices at 6 cents each page. Color pages, meanwhile, cost about 16.5 pennies per page.

In comparison to the Epson Auction Home XP-5100’s and Premium XP 6000’s lofty 6.4 pennies for black pages and 17.5 cents for color, the MFC-J497DW’s cost per page (CPP) might possibly seem structurally better. Nevertheless, the actual difficulty here is this is still plenty of money each page, also in such speeds, it can add up fast. (as an example: Remember that printing 10,000 pages in 6.5 cents each can probably cost $650; cutting on the CPP by 50 percent will probably help save you above $300, a few times that the cost with this printer)

You’ll find ways about paying so much on ink of class –one of them, paying only just a bit more for a higher-volume printer. Then, too, there is HP’s Immediate Ink app that can be found on the HP OfficeJet 3830 and a number of HP inkjet printers. Using immediate Ink, you also can publish as much as 300 pages per month, for example, full-size (8.5-by-11-inch) photographs, for only $9.99 a month. Then, too, you’re able to consider Epson’s and Canon’s EcoTank- and – MegaTank-brand machines, that utilize bulk-ink shipping. The main point in decreasing your running costs in these times is you have to get an excellent concept of how far you intend to print moving on, then buy so.

Stick Within the 100 200 Page-Per-Month Range

Brother makes very competent printers, and also the MFC-J497DW is but only certainly just one. Nonetheless, it is vital that you bear in your mind this is really actually just a low-volume, non-invasive printer. Despite its own 1,000-page advocated monthly printing volume, it surely does its very best work while within the assortment of 100 to 200 pages monthly. It is accompanied by an ADF and automatic shut-off printing for only $79 is really a fantastic price, too.

Even the too-high running costs prevent it from accessing our Editors’ Choice nod. But in case you never publish an entire lot, then per-page ink costs do not matter just as much. Of course, if you dismiss this variable, then the MFC-J497DW works nicely like a small-office, dwelling, or dorm room printer in producing a small number of copies and prints.

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