Brother P-touch Cube

Most professional- and – consumer-grade tag printers (such as our Editors’ Choice Brother QL-820NWB and the Dymo MobileLabeler( respectively) enable you look and print labels in the own computer and/or mobile apparatus, however also the Brother P-touch Cube ($59.99) could be the initial one which we’ve reviewed cannot be tethered to your PC or a Mac using a USB cable.

To put it differently, its sole way of performance would be linking wirelessly into your i-phone, i-pad, or mobile cellular apparatus. The fantastic thing is the fact the accessible Brother Ptouch Design&Printing program is easy to use, letting you generate various good-looking vinyl tags to the kitchen, bedrooms, garage, workplace, along with school-room, which makes the Ptouch Cube a straightforward high choice being an entry tag printer for most families, little offices, along with classrooms.

Small, glistening, and Simple

Besides our inspection apparatus having its own white staircase, Brother provides that the Ptouch Cube from blue. The tag printer measures 4.5 by 2.5 by 4.5 inches (HWD) and weighs approximately an ounce-and-a-half lacking a pound, that resembles the Dymo MobileLabeler’s measurements of 5 2 by 5 inches and weight of only over a pound.

 In reality, besides the Ptouch Cube being only just a little wider, so the 2 printers look quite like –cube shaped with curved borders. Epson’s LabelWorks LW-600P Portable Label Printer is (while similar in size and weight), somewhat taller than it really is wider. All 3 models are so small and light enough to take with you personally.

Much like the Dymo MobileLabeler, the Epson LW-600P, and also the Editors’ Choice Brother P-touch PT-700, the Ptouch Cube may utilize either AC or Battery. But, only the Dymo MobileLabeler includes a battery that is rechargeable.

To perform without walls power, the Ptouch Cube takes six AAA batteries. It might be managed via an i-OS or Android smart-phone or tablet computer via blue tooth, however also the other three tag printers also provide USB interfaces for linking to Windows PCs and Macs. Since everybody with a heartbeat has a smart-phone nowadays, but the inability to get in touch direct into your computer isn’t really a lot of limitation.

Considering the fact everything from designing your own tags to printing out them is controlled by the mobile device, the Ptouch Cube does not have any control panel. The ability jack and power are located on the rear border, and also the manual noodle lever along with also the output is on the front. On the left side, there exists a little window which lets you observe how much clean tag tape is abandoned.

The Ptouch Cube employs audio-cassette-like tapes comprising 16.4- or 26.2-foot spools of plastic tape from widths of roughly one eighth, one quarter, and one-half inch. (Additionally, there can also be handful cassettes using 9.8 feet of fabric tape to creating iron-on tags ) Brother offers about 30 roughly P-touch TZe-series tag cartridges in many coloring schemes, such as black on black, white on white berry pink, black pastel purple, pink gold on lace silver, etc.

Installation and Mobile App

To acquire the Ptouch Cube operational, then you only power it up and drop at a sterile label tape. It’s possible to utilize either the mounted power cable or load six AAA batteries (not included). You put in batteries by removing the cap onto the ideal side of this lid, and also the cassettes move beneath a pay to the left side.

You can download the Ptouch Design&Publish program from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s Appstore. Even the Ptouch Cube’s mobile program isn’t anywhere close as capable and feature-rich as Brother’s own iPrint&grossing program built to do the job with the organization’s QL-810W as well as also different QL-800-series professional grade labelers, but the Ptouch Cube isn’t quite as powerful as those models. Nevertheless, for this simple a computer tool, Ptouch Design&Printing’s layout features are not that shabby.

The mobile program includes many templates organized in categories, for example, Toilet, Storage, Garage & Garden, Home Office, Occasions, and Identification, and it admits all of the P-touch TZe-series tags and provides templates built around the present installed tag type’s breadth and color strategy.

You might even design your labels, choosing from 450 logos, significantly a lot more than 60 frame layouts, and many fonts, including the majority of those Apple and Google ribbon libraries.

Additionally, Ptouch Design&Printing utilizes useful smartphone features, such as spellcheck and voice. In reality, deploying a smartphone (or tablet) program as these devices’ design center and controller panel provides a substantially wider selection of design and features options than Brother may have readily (and efficiently ) squeezed into the Ptouch Cube hardware itself.

Decent Print Times along with Goodlooking Labels

Unlike Brother’s QL-800-series tag printers (and its competitors), which can be intended to publish, among a number of other activities, about 100 diecut speech labels per second (all with various addresses), both the Cube and its ilk are rather slow, and also as you can not print and design several tags with distinct content in series –maybe perhaps not without quitting to modify what, which is how fast the tag printer prints regularly depends upon you than the system itself.

In this aspect, comparing an individual machine’s rate to still yet another fringe within an exercise in futility, however, perhaps, if printing just a single tag at one time, or perhaps a couple with the exact same material (i.e.( copies). Then, a person functions the cutting mechanism, which then initiates the print of another copy.

Nevertheless, I clocked the Ptouch Cube since it published one 0.47-by-3.5-inch black label with the language PCMag: A Printer Test onto it about 7.5 minutes, and 10 of these in series (againI pressed on the cutter lever once each tag ended printing) at 67.7 minutes. This has been approximately 1 minute slower compared to the Dymo MobileLabeler for a single tag and 6 minutes slower for 10.

The Epson LW-600P required 14 minutes for a single tag, and 10.7 minutes when printing the exact identical tag in the iPhone.

 But again, the most important thing is that not one of all these noninvasive printers is especially fast; moreover, they are created for printing a couple of tags at one moment and waiting for one to proceed ahead into another location. Producing labels from the smartphone, but gets the method simpler (and faster) compared to the old style labelers which have a little keyboard comprised from the controller panel.

Let us face itYou can not get too fancy if your just design options are text (symbols and characters ), frames( and wallpapers (and also, yes, the different two-color tag tapes String up things much ), nevertheless also the Ptouch Cube’s hard copy tags themselves turn out looking pretty great, with smooth borders round eyeglasses, wallpapers, and also the language.

Remember, however, I was unable to inspect all tag colors and colors or most of the sizes, or most of the symbols and font in all sizes that are supported. I have not any reason to guess they won’t look good, however at precisely exactly the exact same time, I am pretty convinced that a few can look (perhaps, sometimes, much ) better than many some the others.

Price Per Day

Determined mainly on the period of one’s tags (and also the period of the tape), the per-label cost fluctuates greatly. Printing 0.47-by-3-inch tags on transparent tape using black printing will probably run you approximately 18 cents per; 0.47-by-3-inch tags with golden printing on satin-silver cost about 2 3 cents per; and also the exact same size with navy blue print on white fabric iron-on tags operate 54 cents per –you have the idea. The more the tag, the more it’ll cost. Buying your tag cartridges in 2-packs could help save a penny or 2 each tag.

Simplicity Is Productivity

All in all, the Brother P-touch Cube does not do anything else or execute which even more quickly compared to its entry competitors. In reality, it will not include a USB interface for connecting to computers instantly leaves it only just a little less competent.

 For those who require the capacity to create and print labels in the desktop computer or notebook PC, then the Epson LW-600P or perhaps even the Brother PT-P700 are unquestionably far much better choices. Where the Ptouch Cube shines is in its own simplicity.

 You receive from the box into printing labels within just five minutes, and also the Ptouch Design&Printing program is child’s play for many tag types, everything you can do is change your writing. It’s so straightforward and user-friendly at this fair price is reason enough to make it our new Editors’ Choice entry-level, all-purpose plastic tag printer for home and home office usage.

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