Dell Chromebook 3189 Review

Chromebooks are very more popular with schools since they are simple to use and difficult to infect with germs. Starting at $329 ($349 as analyzed ), Dell’s Chromebook 3189 runs Google’s operating platform, but in addition bends into pill computer and tent modes, therefore, students may certainly make use of the touchscreen display, reveal classmates exactly what they truly are taking care of or socialize using Android programs once Google updates its own OS to encourage them.

Though this 11-inch notebook does not possess the most powerful performance or smartest monitor, the Chromebook 3189’s durable chassis, strong sound, and battery life also make it a fantastic alternative for younger students.


CPU Intel Celeron N3060
RAM Upgradable into 4GB
Drive Size 32GB


Even the Dell Chromebook 3189 includes an ordinary, but decent, grey plastic decorative. The cover includes a Dell symbol in the middle and also a Chrome logo in a premier corner, whereas the flip side includes three-color lighting which could be utilized (after downloading a Chrome Extension designed at no cost from the Chrome web-store ) to convey with the instructor without interrupting other students.

The corners of this computer are curved and also the whole outer advantage is coated in an rubberized strip to help protect it from shocks and bumps.

The hinges are inflexible enough to help keep the lid set up because you bend it into pill computer, stand or tent manners, but loose enough to get a new person to maneuver without straining. The deck includes the exact identical grey decorative whilst the lid.

Dell’s notebook is a great size for fitting into basic and middle schoolers’ hands and totes. The Chromebook 3189 measures 1-2 x 8.2 x 0.9 inches and weighs only 3.2 lbs.

The outer measurements are roughly exactly the same while the sus Chromebook Flip C302CA, that measures 11.9 x 8.3 x 0.6 inches and weighs just 2.6 lbs, however, also the C302CA’s screen is just 1 inch larger than the 3189’s (12-inches versus 11-inches to its 3189). The Acer Chromebook ehw 13measures 12.8 x 8.9 x 0.6 inches and weighs only 3.2 lbs, also it features a 13-inch screen; the Dell Chromebook 3180 measures 11.9 x 8.1 x 0.8 inches, weighs 2.8 lbs, also gets precisely exactly the exact same size screen since the Chromebook 3189, in 11 inches.


On the left side, you can find just two USB-3 interfaces, a full-size HDMI interface, an SD card reader and also the AC power port. On the ideal side, would be a mix headphone/microphone jack, also a charging placing lighting, an electric switch, a volume button and also a Noble Wedge slot.


Even the Chromebook 3189 is intended to simply take more than just a tiny misuse. As stated by Dell, its notebook passed a range of mil-spec evaluations, for example, those such as consequences, vibrations, and extreme temperature.

Throughout its laboratory testing, Dell fell the system 26 days on plywood by the height of 30 inches and it kept working. The notebook also features a spill-resistant computer keyboard to allow it to survive fluids.

Computer keyboard and TouchPad

Even the Chromebook 3189’s keyboard felt good to sort, but the slightly dimmed keys can make it harder for someone with adult-sized hands or long fingernails. I clicked 75 words per second on 10fastfingers.

Com using a 1.5 percent error rate, almost exactly the exact same as my customary 7 7 words per second using a 1 percent error rate. The keys include a moderate 1.4mm of vertical travel and require 63 g of actuation force, which can be both marginally above the category average.

Even the button-less touch-pad had the perfect quantity of significance to both two-finger scrolling along with three-finger swiping. Tapping on the touchpad (rather than pressing) creates a noise, as though the touch-pad were not loose.


Even the 3189’s 11.6-inch display includes a relatively minimal resolution of 1366 x 768, however, offers strong color manipulation. Watching the Toy Story 3 HD trailer on YouTube at 720p HD, the colors were so bright and authentic – Ham was pink so Rex and the toy soldiers would be the appropriate colors of green, and also the wagon was a heavy crimson.

The touchscreen display was very open-minded. When Intent or pill style, tapping a textbox introduces an on-screen keyboard, that has been embarrassing to sort but found the job done for the quick input signal. But, it’s perhaps not the type of item that a student would like to utilize for any duration of time.

Even the Chromebook 3189 had been competent to replicate 81.2 percentage of their sRBG color gamut, that had been more compared to the Chromebook DTC 1 3 (63.7 percent), the Chromebook Flip C302CA (76 percent) along with also the Chromebook 3180 (72.8 percent). However, it was well under the category average of 96 percent.

The 3189’s DeltaE color accuracy score of 0.3 is exemplary (0 is ideal). It scored much a lot better than the category average of 2.4, also overcome the dozens of this Chromebook DTC 1 3 (1.1) along with also the Chromebook Flip C3-1CA (1.6); the Chromebook 3180 additionally scored 0.3.

The screen brightness has been nice for indoor usage, measuring 223 nits, in comparison to 291.8 nits for its Chromebook Flip C302CA along with 2-10 nits for its Chromebook 3180. Nevertheless, it had been below the category average of 301.8, which means you’ll not want to utilize it near a bright window.

Together with each one the various approaches by which that you may configure the 3189 (capsule ( tent, horizontal and standard laptop styles ), the viewing angles are rather important, and also the 3189 delivers. The monitor has wide viewing angles out of both sides, bottom and top – ideal for having a whole lot of students gathered around one computer for cooperation.


Adhering to your live model of Queen’s”Bohemian Rhapsody” on YouTubeI really could turn the speakers all of the way up without the interference. The noise was very great for this small notebook computer.

Listening into the Omaha Beach scene in Saving Private Ryan with all the noise entirely upward really showed the speakers off, with bullet noises moving to support my mind out of my ear to my own best. Intent manner, the noise has been a little louder, with all the speakers exposed. Turning down the volume to approximately 80 percent have been sufficient when sitting in the front of the monitor. This video can be utilized to demonstrate off that a video to your tiny set of kids and so they need to be able to know it.


The 3189 comes with an Intel Celeron N3060 chip with 4GB of RAM, that will be okay for web surfing while flowing a video, however, perhaps maybe not for multitasking. Watching Netflix in 1 tab and opens about CNN in still yet another worked nice but adding a single more tab slowed down things a lot.

With no streaming, ” I really could have four tabs available with no to wait for fresh pages to load up, and might utilize eight without even becoming overly frustrated, but such a thing was very slow.

Even the Chromebook 3189 scored 48.1 to the jet-stream benchmark evaluation, which measures JavaScript performance (the greater your score, the greater ). This was near to this Chromebook 3180 (49.9) and the Chromebook DTC 1 3 (58.74), however substantially lower compared to the Chromebook Flip C302CA (127.32) and far below the category average of 168.8.

The 3189 handled extremely non-1-3 frames per minute over the WebGL Aquarium pictures evaluation, which measures 3 d images by revealing a tank with 2000 fish swimming. It is less compared to the Chromebook Flip (50 fps) along with also the Chromebook 3180 (26 fps).

ChromeOS and Software

The 3189 runs on Google’s Chrome operating platform, with all the Dell website offering subscription-based add-ons like ChromeOS Management Console, security applications and Proceed Guardian Chromebook Management.

Even if you are unfamiliar with Google’s browser-centric operating platform, there isn’t any actual learning curve. ChromeOS is mainly a windowed desktop with a Chrome browser you should use to see run and websites online apps.

The majority of the extensions need to get properly utilized while on the web, however, a few are made specifically for offline usage, such as for example g mail offline and the photo editor. Extensions like Google Docs can possibly be handy for faculty usage, however, there are not any extensions piled on the computer particularly for educational usage.

Dell’s Chromebook 3189 now supports Android emulation natively at the Secure channel. Having its touchscreen and convertible form variable, Dell’s notebook has to perform a fantastic job running Android applications today it has come.

Battery Life

Even the Dell Chromebook 3189 lasted for 9 hrs and 9 minutes in our tests (continuous web-surfing over wifi ), that had been marginally above the course average of 8:12, also enough for most students throughout the school day with no charger. The Chromebook ehw 1-3 came in at a remarkable 1 1 hours, also the most Chromebook Flip C302CA lasted for 8:52 and the Chromebook 3180 lasted for 8:55.


Regrettably, the 720p camera chooses dark, grainy photos without a lot of detail. I wouldn’t recommend the camera for video conferencing. However you will find a number of entertaining filters to play that may place different shade overlays in your own image or distort see your own face, which students may find interesting.

Configurations and Warranty

At the moment I analyzed the Chromebook 3189 at its own mid-sized $349 setup, that comes with an Intel Celeron N3060 chip, 4GB of RAM along with 32GB of all eMMC memory.

Nevertheless, the present arrangement works for $339 and comprises 32GB of all SSD storage. The 319 base version is $20 more economical but is sold with 1 / 2 the space for storing (16GB). For $40 more ($379) you are able to find yourself a 64GB SSD.


Even the Dell Chromebook 3189 supplies a strong blend of endurance durability and battery lifetime. It’s really a powerful pick for parents or schools that are interested in finding a difficult 2 In 1 that fits readily within a basic schoolers hand.

Faculties and parents that do have more money to pay may find yourself a bigger screen and improved battery life with all the 13-inch Acer Chromebook ehw 1 3 for $399 or also the 12-inch a sus Chromebook Flip C302CA for $449, which likewise offers more sturdy performance and also a brighter display.

 But, neither of the laptops is manufactured for awkward youthful students. If you are trying to find a flexible, cheap Chromebook for instruction, the Dell Chromebook 3189 might possibly be your best option.

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