Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA Review

Using Android program support moving out of beta and eventually become a normal part of ChromeOS in 2013, Chromebook 2-in-1s are getting to be acutely essential. The 12.5-inch semi-automatic a sus Chromebook Flip C302CA is prepared to conduct Android programs or heaps of Chrome tabs, even using strong functionality and awareness of style.

This $499 bend-back 2In1 ($449 to start) sports a refined aluminum chassis, glowing FullHD display and a solid-core M-3 CPU for multitasking. If you should be eager to devote the amount of cash for a superior Chromebook, then the Flip C302CA can be the very best alternative.


The aluminum Chromebook Flip C302CA feels and looks as though a Mac book, therefore it may possibly fool anybody who does not observe the enormous a sus symbols onto the 2 In 1’s lid along with bezel. Even the Chromebook’s 360degree hinge feels safe also makes it simple to transition into the bend-back convertible one of a notebook, stand, pill computer, and tent styles.

Weighing 2.6 lbs and measuring 0.6 inches thick, so the Flip is milder compared to the Acer Chromebook ehw 1 3 (3.2 lbs, 0.6 inches), also the Dell Chromebook 1-3 (3.2 lbs, 0.7 inches) and the Lenovo ThinkPad 1 3 Chromebook (3.2 lbs, 0.8 inches).

The spin fees and links to peripherals via both its 2 USB TypeC vents, which take a seat to the left and side. A sus placed the laptop’s headphone jack, power and volume buttons onto the machine’s left side and also a micro-sd reader onto the correct side.

The deficiency of typea USB 3.0 vents indicates that a sus is appearing strongly ahead, however, this usually means you buy flashlights if you would like to add elderly apparatus. Every one of those competing Chromebooks comes with a USB 3.0 interface.


Even the Flip’s 12.5-inch, 19-20 x ray 1080-pixel panel offers crisp graphics, solid brightness along with adequate color. As soon as I watched a trailer to”The Fate of this Furious,” I noticed strong blue and red police sirens, a brilliant green signal lighting, and also a hot orange flame engulfing bursting automobiles.

The display showed off nice details such as small beads of perspiration onto Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson’s head and the glimmer of this glittery brake pedal of Vin Diesel’s musclecar.

As stated by your colorimeter, the Flip reproduces 76 percentage of this sRGB spectrum, a marker that is above the amounts from the Acer Chromebook dtc 1 3 (64 per cent ) along with the ThinkPad 1 3 Chromebook (63 per cent ). The Dell Chromebook 1-3 (96 per cent ) and the typical ultra-portable (98 per cent ) provide more colors.

The spin delivers comparatively true coloring, with a score of 1.6 over the DeltaE evaluation (lower is better), that tops the ultra-portable average (2.2). Nevertheless, that the Acer Chromebook dtc 1 3 (1.1), Dell Chromebook 1-3 (1.4) and also ThinkPad 1 3 Chromebook (1.1) did marginally better.

This semi automatic panel frees upto 292 nits (a measure of brightness), that is marginally under the average for ultra-portables (303 nits).

The Acer Chromebook dtc 1 3 (254 nits), the Dell Chromebook 1-3 (270 nits) along with also the ThinkPad 1 3 Chromebook (257 nits) are typical dimmer. This brightness allows a wide selection of viewing angles, so when I can definitely see the monitor’s pictures at 75 degrees to the right or left.

Computer keyboard, Touchscreen Display, Touch Pad

Even the Flip’s island-style, fullsize, back lit keyboard provides a superb typing encounter. On the 10fastfingers. Com studying evaluation, I clicked on my solution into 7 7 words per second, that will be near some ordinary (80 wpm).

The notebook’s keys work well because they provide 1.6 millimeters of traveling, within the assortment of that which we like (1.5-2mm). We do need the secrets demanded significantly a lot more than 49 g of force to actuate, as levels closer to 60 g result in an improved click.

The a sus Convertible’s touchscreen display monitored my input right since I transferred windows across the background computer and played with any 2048. The display also supports forward and back swiping navigating the internet from Chrome.

The Flip’s 4.1 x ray 2.3-inch, button-less touch-pad lets precise navigation and supplies a good texture to each click. Additionally, it supports smooth two-finger page scrolling and also three-finger tab navigation.


Even the Chromebook Flip’s speakers burst enough volume to fulfill out a medium-size conference room using a candy variant of Migos'”tshirt.” The trail’s bass seemed rugged, its own vocals came clearly and drum cymbals hit crisply.


Our inspection arrangement of this backpacks an Intel Core m3-6Y30 CPU and 4GB of RAM, a combination that allows tons of multi tasking. I watched no lag once I divide my own screen one of 1-5 Chrome tabs (including ones for Slack, g mail and TweetDeck) and also a 1080p YouTube video.

The 499 Chromebook Flip got a score of 127 over the jet-stream benchmark for Java Script performance. That is Far Better compared to $399 MediaTek MT8173C-powered Acer Chromebook Dtc 1 3 (5 9 ) and also the $430 Intel Celeron-powered Dell Chromebook 1-3 (86). Nonetheless, it’s less compared to the 704 Core i5-powered ThinkPad 1 3 Chromebook (171) and the typical ultra-portable (16-1 ).

The Flip conducted okay over the WebGL Aquarium pictures evaluation, making 2000 fish at an interest pace of 50 fps.

That defeats the Acer Chromebook dtc 1 3 (20-40 fps) along with also the Dell Chromebook 1-3 (4-8 mps), nevertheless the ThinkPad 1 3 Chromebook (60 fps) conducted the cartoon more smoothly. We ought to observe that benchmark compelled the Flip exude a little whirring noise, some thing we do not regularly view.

Battery Life

The Chromebook Flip lasted 8 hours and 52 minutes onto the Notebook Mag Battery Evaluation. That revealing defeats the ultra-portable ordinary (8:03) and sets the twist near the ThinkPad 1 3 Chromebook (9:08).

 Nevertheless, that the Flip’s time drops short of the put by the Acer Chromebook dtc 1 3 (11:00) along with also the Dell Chromebook 1-3 (13:25).


The Flip’s 0.9-megapixel web-cam shoots grainy graphics with mixed colour manipulation. As soon as I analyzed the camera at our well-lit office, then it grabbed the darkblue of my top but abandoned our reddish wall appearing reddish.


This thin-and-light Chromebook remains cool under pressure. Once I snapped 15minutes of HD video on the laptop, our heating saw adequate temperatures, below our 95-degree F relaxation brink. Even the touch-pad quantified 81 degrees F, whereas the guts of this computer keyboard and underside hit 85 and 87 degrees, respectively.

Computer Program

The Reverse C302CA runs ChromeOS, Google’s lightweight option to Windows, that relies on the Chrome Web-store for programs. The laptop may gain Android program emulation after this calendar year, and also the 2 In 1 should have the ability to earn the absolute most of these programs, having its touchscreen display and bend-back style and layout and style.

Configuration Options

Our 499 review unit of this Flip C302CA comprises a 0.9-GHz Intel Core m3-6y30 CPU, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of all eMMC storage. For $449, you also can find the laptop with a Pentium chip and 32GB of storage, even thought you may shed some of this multitasking-enabling performance utilized from the Core M-3 version.


There is too much to enjoy about the Chromebook Flip C302CA, for example its own aluminum layout, sharp screen, solid battery life, strong overall functionality and bend-back style and layout and style. As soon as the Google Play Store finally rolls outside to ChromeOS in earnest, the Flip is likely to soon be a lot more compelling as it has become now.

You may save $100 but have use of Android programs with all the Acer Chromebook ehw 1 3 , though that laptop drops behind in rate.

Even the Lenovo ThinkPad 1 3 Chromebook with Core i-5 is even more quickly, however it costs , and also its own particular non-touch screen usually means that this machine wont be well-suited to Android programs. But if you’d like a robust Chromebook 2In1 that is ready for Android programs, then the Flip C302CA ought to be on very top of your checklist.

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